Ryan, BC, Canada

“I’ve been rewriting my story, dreaming about my future, have compassion for myself for the first time in my life. I am excited to live and start my life my way, not performing. Not feeling guilty of my past and behaviour. Living freely and happy.”

Improvements with: Childhood Trauma, Marijuana Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Nausea, Bloating/ Indigestion.

Childhood trauma, addiction (marijuana, alcohol)Ready to live in reality – for the first time in my life. 3.5 months later still stays off marihuana and alcohol, does body building and eats healthfully.
Did not understand how physical affects my emotional wellness.After going on nature walks, being fed clean vegan food, being given vitamins and supplements customized to my body, I really really see increase in my happiness. My depression is pretty much gone. I haven’t thought I will see that day.
Came to work purely on emotional wellness and prepared to work mostly one-on-one specialists.After doing colonics and other physical treatments, you realize that these toxins are inside of you. You think it is all in your head and brain. In order to think straight and deal with emotional aspects, you need to have a clean inside. It goes hand in hand. Physical aspect is a huge aspect to your emotional wellness.
I was self-prescribed with medication since 14 to help with sleep, used it every night and never thought I was able to sleep or live without it.After 4-5 days, my sleep was better than never. I had all this natural energy, I felt grounded, I felt myself.
Acid GERD for a few years. Saw many many doctors, gastrologists, testing. The doctors told I was a high candidate for surgery. They wanted to cut my stomach open, tie my intestines up, and they said that that would stop leaking of the acid. I was not prepared for that.After being on a plant-based diet for 3 weeks, I haven’t had acid reflux once. It’s insane. I did not think I’d see that day, as well. It’s crazy what diet and clean living can do.
After almost every meal I was vomiting, waking in the middle of the night sick, ill, not feeling good ever. I was fighting it, self-medicating, taking one day at a time, waiting for the next sunset to come.Digesting food, not getting sick. It’s first for me in a long time. I had nausea last time the morning leaving Vancouver on the ferry. I had a water bottle in the car with me. I was getting sick. I haven’t been sick since than. I will continue this diet for the rest of my life.
Put on a smiley face, while was unhappy inside. I felt a lot of guilt and shame.I’ve been rewriting my story, dreaming about my future, have compassion for myself for the first time in my life. I am excited to live and start my life my way, not performing. Not feeling guilty of my past and behaviour. Living freely and happy.
Ryan who came was smiling through the trauma, smiling through the fear, putting on a show, making sure that everything was perfect, everything else was taken care of, so I would not have to deal with my emotions and feelings. I would always put it to the side.What a breakthrough moment! I feel grounded, I feel natural, I can speak. I am not performing anymore!
Was diagnosed with ADHD since 9 yrs.I don’t need ADHD medication. I found a way to calm myself down, calm my brain naturally, finding peace in every day, being healthy. Something I never thought I could do. But here I am.
I was able to hold good jobs most of my life, but at times I relapsed. I would self-medicate, and it put toll on my day-to-day business, on my work. It’s been holding me back. The window was a little bit dirty, and all this light was ready to come in.Now it’s time to clean the window, and I can see through the window now. There is a light. And I am excited to purse to my full potential.
Saw therapist on a weekly basis for several years, but did not see the results I wanted.Getting support a day in and a day out by therapists. Whenever I had moments and felt I did not want to carry on, that support really opened my eyes.

Experience Highlights:

  • Talk with my emotional wellness therapist
  • Walks with the tour guide – she’ll show you where the locals go, all the private beaches
  • Therapists – very spiritual, showed how to use sound, emotions to heal your soul
  • Structural therapist – was great at fixing my muscles
  • Kitchen staff – take a great care of you

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials
  • Before and After Self-Assessment
  • Program Participation and Progress Sheet
  • Emotional Wellness Test

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