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Fresh Start Clients Tell Their Stories of Health Recovery

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Therese Feels Her Health Has Totally Transformed

"I feel my health has transformed from good to much, much better. I now sleep more soundly, my vitality and sense of well-being surge higher and higher."

Age: 55, Female
Weight: 107 lbs
Weight Loss: 7 lbs

Karen Feels Refreshed Rejuvenated And Healthy!

"I went home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy!"

Age: 36, Female
Weight: 145 lbs
Weight Loss: 5 lbs

Taylor Reactivated Her Passion For Healthy Eating And Lifestyle

"The information and knowledge that I received at the center deepened my knowledge base and reactivated my passion for healthy eating and lifestyle. I left the center feeling calm, cleansed and rejuvenated on all levels (mind, body & spirit). "

Age: 40, Female
Weight: 190 lbs
Weight Loss: 10.5 lbs

Bud & Christine Feel 10 Years Younger, 20 Lbs Lighter And Have A New Outlook On Life

"What a fantastic experience and new outlook on life, I now feel 10 years younger and 20 lbs lighter and I have learned more about my body and what I need to do to maintain optimum energy and health"

Susan Feels 10 Years Younger And Lost 13 Lbs

"After one Bowen Therapy treatment with Dr. Lise Maltais, I was able to breathe fully, at will."

Darrel Has Improvement In Such A Short Time And Is Feeling So Much Better

"A year and a half after going to the center and following the advice and education that I received there ( I do fall off every once in a short while ) I can truly say that I had the best summer as far as the level of pain goes in many years."

Age: 56, Male
Weight: 150 lbs

Faisal Now Has Energy To Play With His Children And Exercise Even After Long Office Hours

"I began losing weight immediately and my blood pressure kept dropping. I now have energy to play with my children and exercise even after long office hours."

Age: 45, Male
Weight: 243 lbs
Weight Loss: 22 lbs

Ellen Feels And Thinks Clearly

"I can work and play like I want to, like I used to. My life has changed. I wake up and feel awesome."

Age: 51, Female
Weight: 230 lbs
Weight Loss: 14 lbs

Jack Feels Like A New Man

“I am convinced that 14 days is a great way to cleanse and get to know your health problems and to work on cleansing your system from the years of chemical, metals and toxins exposure.”

Age: 60, Male
Weight Loss: 17 lbs

Anton lost 15 lbs In 14 Days And Improved His Energy

“I lost a total of 15 lbs in 14 days, my energy improved to the point I could walk for long periods and actually enjoy it! My blood pressure almost immediately normalized.”

Age: 51, Male
Weight: 220 lbs
Weight Loss: 15 lbs

Susan Feels Healthier, Happier, And Enthusiastic About Her Life

“I am very blessed to have spent this time at the center and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Age: 49, Female
Weight Loss: 13 lbs

Carla Was “Brought Back” In Only 14 Days

“Wow! There has been such a change in me! I never would have thought that 14 days could “bring me back” when I was so absolutely depleted.”

Age: 38, Female
Weight: 350 lbs

Gladys Wakes Up And Feels Awesome

"I can work and play like I want to, like I used to. My life has changed. I wake up and feel awesome."

Age: 40, Female
Weight: 190 lbs
Weight Loss: 10.5 lbs

Elizabeth Says The Program Was Full Of Miracles

"Incredible program, full of miracles!!"

Age: 63, Female
Weight: 172 lbs

Chiqui Lost Weight And Achieved Unbelievable Wellness

"The gift that Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers gave to me was far more than I ever could have imagined - not only did I lose weight but the wellness that was achieved has been unbelievable."

Age: 60, Female

Carey Says The Program Was A Life Changing Experience

"My experience of the 10-day program was nothing short of life-changing."


Rene Has Lost 10 Lbs And Continues To Lose More

"During the cleansing, they helped to cleanse my body, but also they cleansed out a lot of my old thinking. The way I eat, the way I feed my family, and the way I go about my life in general. I can't stress enough how much valuable information they gave us."

Age: 33, Female
Weight: 190 lbs
Weight Loss: 10 lbs

Linda Says Program Was A Life Saving Experience

"By the time I left the Centre I was feeling better than I had in 20 years and continue to feel well."

Weight: 232 lbs
Weight Loss: 11 lbs

Frank Says The Program Was A Good Jump-Start

"I am doing much better after the cleanse, it gave me a good jump-start."

Age: 74, Female
Weight: 188 lbs
Weight Loss: 12 lbs

Florence Feels Refreshed, Happier And More Hopeful

"Intuitively I knew my body needed a break on all levels. I felt that my life had taken a radical turn in a better direction. In addition to the physical healing, I came away with a clearer idea about what to do to take my life to the next level."

Age: 40, Female
Weight: 135 lbs
Weight Loss: 3 lbs

Elaine’s Years Of Living With Pain Are Gone

"... know, that the owners have 'your' very best interests in mind, that 'they' operate from the heart."

Age: 59, Female
Weight: 150 lbs

Dr. Darwin D. Zalaski Wakes Up Energized And Inspired

"I went to the centre feeling exhausted, tired and sore throughout my muscles and joints… Towards the end of the cleanse I could feel hormonal levels returning to normal and my muscles not being sore anymore. Even my joints did not ache as much"

Age: 44, Male
Weight: 172 lbs
Weight Loss: 8 lbs

Mouna Feels Awake And Energized

"When the program first started I was dragging myself out of bed in the morning. By the end of the 10 days I was waking up earlier, feeling awake and energized."


Nattacia Wasn’t Disapointed!

"The results and healing I experienced (to once again be able to breathe deeply and easily) has not only affected me, it has positively impacted my relationship with my husband and family."


John Says Love and Dedication Made His Stay Enjoyable

"The Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers, a place where physical and spiritual life merge..."

Age: 60, Male
Weight: 220 lbs
Weight Loss: n/a

Shirley Says The Program Was A 180 Degree Turn

"I came to the center not expecting much, but – wow- it was fantastic! Now I can run up and down the stairs. My skin is so soft!"

Age: 32, Female
Weight: 145 lbs
Weight Loss: 5 lbs

M.L. Says Our Food Is “To Die For!”

"I found this place through the internet and after reading their website, I knew it was the right place for me to attend - and I was right."

Anton Healed and Found Emotional Balance

"I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their physical or emotional health, looking for some spiritual enlightenment, and willing to learn more about staying healthy for life."


Anne Says Our Staff Was “Wonderful”

"The staff at Fresh Start Health Retreat was just wonderful."

Age 64, Female
Weight: 215 lbs
Weight loss: n/a

Pamela Saw Her Symptoms “Diminish Hourly”

"After several days there I immediately began to improve. My hair stopped falling out and I noticed that the red spots were drying up like scabs. It was amazing to watch them diminish hourly."

Weight Loss: 10 lbs Weight Loss: 10 lbs in 10 days

Germaine Left “Very Enriched”

"Being a mother of five, I had already had an interest in nutrition, however I did not know food could look so good, have such variety, and taste even better."

Age: 49, Female
Arrival Weight: 155 lbs
Weight loss: n/a

Edy Feels Like She Got a New Pair of Legs

"When I approached my 40's, I felt 60. I had a hard time walking up stairs, lifting myself off of a couch and even getting out of bed...

I feel like I have been given a new pair of legs and hands. Coming to Fresh Start Health Retreat was THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE DONE FOR MYSELF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!"

Age: 48, Female
Arrival Weight: 205 lbs
Weight loss: 5.8 lbs

Jack K. Calls Our Prevent Progam a “Miracle”

"My expectations were mostly related to weight loss and some improvement in my health. What happened there however, was nothing short of a miracle."

Age: 47, Male
Arrival Weight: 223 lbs
Weight loss: 14 lbs