Health Restoration Retreats

Fresh Start is Canada's Premier Health Restoration Retreat and Spa specializing in Advanced Whole body Detoxification, Cellular Re-nourishment, Healthy Lifestyle Makeover and Natural Weight loss for Health Seekers with Mild to Moderate Health Conditions  located at Oyster Bay, BC, Canada on a beautiful Vancouver Island.

Jump Start To Health

The average North American lives to age 73. By this age he/she has undergone 8 surgeries and takes 3 medications to make it through each day. Whatever your age, without vibrant energy and vitality to enjoy your achievements and relationships, future years may be unknown. You need a total health and wellness makeover today.


Weight loss Health Spa

Enhance your healing experience with a wide range of healing therapies provided by experienced professionals that are here to help you improve your well-being during your detox, health, or weight-loss program.

Health Resort and Wellness Retreat

Your healing journey starts here. Experience health restoration and rejuvenation in a nice supportive healing environment that is supervised by professionals and our on-board Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.).

Detox Coach and Home Cleanse

Give yourself a treat, recharge your batteries and lighten up. Do a guided cleanse and receive qualified support from our team.  Learn about the core of our programs - why Fresh Start is one of a kind.

We can help you:
  • Jump start to a healthy lifestyle by shedding unwanted pounds and inches, decreasing your sugar cravings and taking control of Candida overgrowth
  • Dramatically improve your health and stamina by deep cleansing and maximizing the efficiency of your body's major organs, including your entire digestive tract and liver
  • Improve digestion by eliminating bloating, constipation and restoring your intestinal lining with healing organic raw foods and juices
  • Increase resistance to illness by boosting your immune system
  • Learn new healthy habits

We specialize in advanced whole body detoxification, cellular re-nourishment and self-care for individuals with mild to moderate health conditions. We have hosted over 157 retreats serving over 920 clients since 2005. We have helped and continue to help people improve their digestive health, weight, back problems, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure and other conditions, resulting in increased their energy and vitality.

If you need to improve your health naturaly, learn how to stay healthy, detoxify and have a healthy holiday look no further than Fresh Start. For more information about how to improve your health, complete the Free Consultation or Pre-Registration form.

What our guests are saying?

" Since we have participated in this program we have began to see significant improvements in our health.  Catherine has been able to eliminate any and all asthma steroids and allergy medication, which she has been taking for the past 16 years. "

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Catherine Hyldgaard & Philip Williams
Edmonton, AB

" I don't have to research for a place to go anymore.  I've found it! It was time to kick-start myself into a serious weight loss plan and hope to find a way to alter my lifestyle as well. I got so much more than just that at Fresh Start.  I found comfort, guidance and support. I was taught how to achieve better health and wellness with effective techniques and recipes that were easy to take home, the recipes that my family would welcome and want to be served and shared. Thank you for all the love and care I have received.  Fresh Start has been wonderful for me and I will look forward to returning "

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Tara Striemer,
Calgary, AB
Weight loss: 13 lbs in 14 days
Maka Shavlakadze, Toronto, ON
Weight loss: Almost 20 lbs in 10 days

" My expectations were mostly related to weigh loss and some improvement in my health. What happened there however, was nothing short of a miracle. After three days I was able to put the insulin away. You have to realize I was on 4 injections a day, 20 units before each meal and 90 units before night. Couple days later, I dropped my high blood pressure medication and cut my stomach medication (Losec) to one pill a day. Finally, on the last day of the program I was medication free, a happy and healthy individual. "

" I could not believe my luck. I felt 20 years younger and with long healthy future ahead of me. The program changed my life completely. Today, a month later, I am still medication free. "

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Jack Kasinski,
Calgary, AB
Weight loss: 14 lbs in 9 days

" Last year I was diagnosed with severe Osteoarthritis and later osteoporosis. My feet sore. My back sore. All my body sore. I was overweight....on the 6th day of my being there my pain was gone and I could walk miles and miles very boldly. Since then my life has completely changed. I have no pain at all! This is a miracle God did in my life through the Centre. Thank you so much for helping me to get back my joy and happiness. "

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