Welcome to Fresh Start Affiliate Partner Program!

It’s easy to get the word out about Fresh Start’s life-changing retreats. You’ll always be rewarded for the new people you introduce to us. And when you do, you’ll feel great about the positive impact on the lives of your referrals.

Be sure to read the stories of some guests who have referred or have been referred. These people have transformed their lives, because someone genuinely cared and showed them the options for deeper healing.

Susan Klaiman Testimonial Fresh Start

Susan-referred by sister. Her husband is coming too. 14-Day

Lorri Fairbairn

Lori-referred her brother and sister. 21-Day

Raj-referred by ND from WA, USA. 21-Day

Join the Noble Cause!

It’s amazing to watch results of the guests who came to the retreat with a host of physical, emotional and unhealthy habits challenges. Why? Because they were ready for change and diligently worked on gradual restoration of their health. Many have already tried quick fixes, most were on meds and looking for deeper level of healing, natural approach and greater support. This is exactly what they found in customized, personalized and professionally guided Fresh Start Retreat programs.

Some have come as the last resort of hope, some for routine prevention. Though there are no magic pills, no guarantees and no quick fixes to long-term issues, when they started working towards their realistic goals, it’s amazing to see how much one can improve during 7-14-21 Days Health Restoration Retreats.

We invite you to join the cause of improving people’s health naturally and gradually. It is easy and enjoyable to promote for everyone who wants to get the word out and help more people transform their lives.

Affiliate Partner Program Includes:

  1. A simple referral commission structure with tracking of your referrals (online & direct referral) and payments through an effective and accurate system.
  2. Easy-to-use tools to help you refer, including pre-written e-mails, social media posts/tweets and detailed banners. Just copy and paste those anywhere you’d like to promote.
  3. Additionally, if needed, we will provide you with printed materials with your partner code.

How does the Affiliate Partner Program work?

All you need to do is sign up and then let the world know about the Fresh Start Health Restoration Retreats. We provide you with ALL the tools you need to make it super easy. During the setup, we’ll work with you to show you the easiest ways to use your website, social media or direct mail when you share. If you run a Clinic/Office we’ll supply you with window signs, coffee table reading magazines and small cards your team can pass out. Your only job is sending people to the programs you think they would enjoy and greatly benefit from!

The Best: once the click on your tracking link, they’ll instantly be tracked for 180 days and if filled out a form, for up to 3 years.

NOTE: We work with both past Fresh Start Guests and partners who have not attended the program yet.

Referral Commission

 You earn when someone registers for any 7-14-21 Day Program

 $250 per Registration

Appreciation Bonus

 You get a discount for any 7-14-21 Day Program, whenever you've reached

 10 Registrations - 25% OFF

 30 Registrations - 50% OFF

 50 Registrations - 100% OFF

*Accommodation is not included. There is no deadline by when you should reach Appreciation Bonus. Can transfer to a friend or family member. Bonus does not expire, cannot be redeemed for cash value & can be used for any scheduled FS Program. Regular payment terms apply upon registration.

What do you get in return?

For each person you refer through your customized links, partner codes or manually submitted through “Refer a Lead Form”, you will make a commission when that person registers for any scheduled 7-14-21 Day Programs. It might take a month or a year for that person to decide, since he/she will be tracked under your profile in the tracking system, when they do, you’ll be credited the commission.

We also want to express our special thank you for referring multiple people with an Appreciation Bonus, whenever you reach 10, 30 or 50 registrants. You may reach it in a year, or it maybe in 5 years, you’ll have a chance to work your health too. You’ll see your numbers grow in your Online Affiliate Partner Account.

Ready to get started?

Just fill out the registration form below, and you’ll be emailed your login, partner ID,  password and instructions for the next steps to get you started immediately.

Affiliate Program FAQ

You feel good about it: you help both your referrals and the company that does good.

You get compensated for your effort, and it can be passive income.

The list below is not exhaustive, but will give you a good idea.  If you are enthusiastic about getting the word out, have an audience/clientele, but you do not fit into the list below, please get in touch.

  1. Anyone who has a website and a reasonably good traffic to it or other online media channels, type of business does not matter.
  2. Natural health practitioners: naturopathic physicians, RMTs, chiropractors, herbalists etc.
  3. Emotional wellness specialists: counsellors, life coaches, hypnotherapists and others
  4. Quit smoking sites/blogs, rehabs, and other habits-related sites and practitioners
  5. Content creators, educators, personal growth coaches
  6. Health or Detox-related products’ companies and other companies with complementary services or products
  7. Past FS Guest who went through the FS program (website is not a requirement)

An individual who is not qualified as a Partner, is not a past FS guest, and/or contacts on behalf of somebody else.

Somebody who wants to use this program for registering for his/her own program.

Majority is paid through PayPal and some people requested custom payment type.

  1. PayPal Payments. The best option. It’s free & widely used.
  2. Direct Deposits ($5 per Deposit fee, charged to the Affiliate)
  3. Wire Transfer ($15 per Wire fee, charged to the Affiliate)

Canadian Affiliates who had earnings are required to provide/update info for T4A Tax form at the end of each year.

We payout on the 20th of the next month, for the previous month earnings.

  1. Affiliate must be min 18 years of age.
  2. All payouts are done in Canadian dollars and converted to other currency based on the current rate.
  3. Correct Affiliate and Referred Guest contact information was provided by the Affiliate and is still current.
  4. Affiliate accurately represents Fresh Start (complies with FS marketing standards and guidelines, uses approved marketing materials, does not make unauthorized FS promo materials modification, does not use it for other purposes than FS programs promotion, respects confidentiality, trademarks and copyright laws, does not make improper claims such as that Fresh Start treats or cures disease, does not use keyword-based advertising targeting a keyword of any of Fresh Start Brands, does not use for registering for personal programs or other unethical personal purposes).
  5. Clawback/Refund: If the registered guests got refunded or cancelled the program, after the commission has been paid, the commission payment will be reversed and credited back to the Fresh Start account.
    • If client departs early and is able to come back to finish the program or transfer remaining credit to a family member, there won’t be a clawback to your account.
  6. In case of Force Majeure pay-outs of commissions may be discontinued.

The 1st Partner who referred is paid. This cannot be changed by the registered guest.

Repeat Visits, Program Extensions, End of Stay Balances (tips, extra products, credits) are not included in the commissions.

Post registration referral claim: the Affiliate won’t be credited a commission if he/she notifies us that he/she referred someone after the fact. Best part, it will never happen if your referrals come through “web links” because the system automatically tracks, if they visit the site.

Through a dedicated partner code in Infusionsoft by Keap.

1-3 years, provided the person did not opt-out, and his/her contact information is current. While we have a follow up process, once the person is no longer interested, we delete the Contact Record.

If terms change, we’ll notify the Affiliates about the updates. In case we decide to close the program, we’ll  let you know about the transitional period, payouts cut off and required actions.

In short, each referral (site visitor, inquiry or your directly referring) is tracked under your Affiliate Record in Infusionsoft by Keap account. You’ll be able to see your stats of visitor hits, opt-ins (Leads) & orders (Registrants).

Pre-qualification process: each Lead must go through Alignment Consultation to ensure what he/she is looking for and Fresh Start offers matches. When the guest registered, during the payment process the commissions are applied to the Affiliate, since that Lead is directly linked to the affiliate.


You can submit leads through Lead Referral Form. As long as you provide your info and code, we’ll be able to link your lead to your profile.

These are created custom, based on your needs, niche and audience. We can provide:

Online Digital:

  • Images
  • Banners
  • Text Links
  • Social Posts
  • Video
  • Email Templates


  • Cards
  • Window banners (clinics)
  • Waiting room brochure (30+ pages) (Note: We supply with 3 copies. Additional are $5 per item. We’ll restock your clinic/office each year with a new “waiting room brochure.”

Training resources will be provided on a per need basis.

Got more questions? Please do not hesitate to Contact Us at or call 1-888-658-3324 to speak with Partner Success Specialist.

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Got questions prior signing up, feel free to Contact us.

NOTE: After we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll e-mail you the 2nd form, asking more detailed questions about Promotional materials, where you plan to promote and if you are a Canadian, info for T4A Tax form.