Larry Summers, RM (Reiki Master), Biofeedback Practitioner

Biofeedback Assessments Specialist

“Do not be angry, Do no worry, Be grateful, Work with diligence, Be kind to people.”

Mikao Usui, Five Reiki Principles
  • Advanced understanding on how Biofeedback works from the science perspective

  • Has years of experience with clients suffering with various health issues

  • Reiki Master

  • Has the VAHS (Voice Analysis and Hydration System, along with a protection cube and focus cube

  • Pilot with many years of experience

Professional Years of experience: 16 years         

Who Am I?

Larry spent many years in aviation with the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force). After having had a few life challenges he began to reflect on spirituality in and around his life.

Due to family health problems, he was introduced to Reiki, which deepened his spiritual growth. Larry continued with Reiki and took all the training levels up to Master Teacher with ongoing learning in this field.

In 2003 Larry experienced Quantum Biofeedback treatment and was convinced on how well it could help those in need. He took training on the device in 2004 and has continued working with it since. Larry now uses the Indigo biofeedback in his practice. This device is a high-tech complementary unit that assists with health practitioners to find energetic imbalances occurring within humans and animals. It also may be extremely helpful with alleviating stressors in the body so it can heal itself.

Additionally, Larry has the VAHS (Voice Analysis and Hydration System, along with a protection cube and focus cube.

Larry has a diverse experience level having worked with clients who presented with many various health issues through the years.

Larry’s hobbies include gardening, wood working and reading. He has a contemplative nature, is compassionate, has a great sense of humor and gets along virtually with everyone.

What is Quantum Biofeedback?
Most people agree that ultrasound and MRI are effective and accurate methods of diagnostics. Biofeedback is another way to read information from your body cells, just using electrical waves vs. ultrasound and x-rays. The three most commonly used forms of feedback techniques are electromyography (EMG) which measures muscular tension, Thermal biofeedback which measures the skin temperature and Neuro- feedback or electroencephalography (EEG) which measures brain wave activity.

In simple terms, Quantum Biofeedback device measures the body’s cells electricity and compares it with the normal range that the healthy cells are supposed to produce. The device has a complex program that contains a large database of electric measurements (=signatures) that healthy and unhealthy cells of various organs and systems produce. Though we cannot call Quantum Biofeedback a diagnostic method as it is still in a stage of active development, using this method we can collect a lot of useful information about our body health. Used with discernment and in combination with other methods, Biofeedback can help us determine which organs and systems are in greatest need of support and therapies, and even what issues to address on an emotional level.

Note: How can we prove that cells have energy? Some of you may have heard about Kirlian Photography or Massaru Emotto’s images of water. Kirlian images show the amount of electricity in water molecules or other objects. And finally, no one will deny that we can transmit signals via cellular transmission. It is not a matter of whether the cellular energy exists, we can “hear” and even “see” it. Simply call it cell electricity, if you wish.

Disclaimer: In Larry’s absense, Biofeedback may be replaced with other  assessment/ diagnostics methods.

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