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Health Retreat Investment Opportunities

Welcome to the investment opportunities portal. A place where you can learn how you too can contribute. 

Investment Opportunities Fresh Start Health RetreatFresh Start has been changing lives since 2005 and is gradually growing, like a cedar tree… slow but steady. Between the “on site”, global and on-demand support we are currently a team of 52 professionals. We touch lives. We strive to create a healthy family, a healthy environment, a healthy generation, and a healthy global community. That’s where the future is. Find out how you too can contribute through investment opportunities at Fresh Start Health Retreat.

Our Promise is to touch one billion lives with the message of love, peace and health. We are tired of seeing sick children, suicidal teens, adults with such low self-esteem that they live well below their potential, seniors feeling as if nothing depended on them anymore.

Our heart goes to the broken planet; we see it blooming with beautiful orchards, full of food that tastes, smells and brings health, with water and air that give life. We see its light warming up the whole universe, filled with gratitude and prosperity, an earth with a big heart. We see men and women, free and full of vibrant health and strength, aware of who they are, pure in their intentions, creators of their dreams.

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It takes more than one to make our vision come true, we are looking for people who want to join Fresh Start in assisting others gradually and naturally improve their physical & emotional well-being, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to create healthy relationships with those around them, to responsibly care for the Planet they live in & to find balance in life.

Inquiry process:

If you are drawn to Our Promise and you would like to explore an opportunity of how you can become part of the global change, please review information below, email us with a brief proposal at as to why you’d like to invest with us, how much you’d like to invest and what questions we can provide you answers for.

After we’ve had an initial call and see there is a proper match for both parties involved, we’ll gladly provide Financials, Business Plan Summary and other requested information. Please be prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to having access to the above mentioned information.

  1. You Believe in what Fresh Start does.
  2. It Aligns with Your Values and portfolio diversification strategy.
  3. You Want Your wisely earned Money to do Good.
  4. You are looking for a Safe, Guaranteed Term based investment.investment-opportunities-fresh-start-health-retreat
  1. 10% Annual interest on a 3-5 yrs fixed term.
  2. Guaranteed investment by the founders
  3. Investments ranging from $10-50.000 3 yrs. term
  4. Investments ranging from $50-150.000 5 yrs term

NOTE: Due to very high overhead that a natural wellness facility is carrying, it is not safe for us to offer greater returns on the investment. We appreciate for understanding. We have been able to sustain 10% and investors felt safe, even during the market collapses in USA and Canada.  

  • Marketing – to continue gradually and sustainably expanding the market reach
  • Equipment – diagnostics & healing
  • Team training – to improve internal efficiency of delivering the service
  • Operations Systems – to improve efficiency
  • New services, programs development – BIGGEST need and opportunity
  • Team growth – additional team members to handle the load brought about by growth

Investment FAQs

Who typically invested with you?2016-12-22T11:52:43-07:00
  • Former clients – who were touched and were looking for ways to give back.
  • Business Associates-who believed in what we did and decided to support us.
  • Note: Due to the lack of “collateral” we were not able to use Institutional Funding sources.
Have you taken on any investments in the past?2016-12-22T11:51:09-07:00
  • Yes, more than one. Most of those were equipment Leases and Private Investors loans.
  • We do business the old fashioned way:
    1. Honour based and through a legal contract.
  • Ups and downs: While we’ve always been able to payout the loans, we’ve had more than one set back over the years too. During those times we’ve negotiated payout terms and it helped us to depreciate 100% all investments. But not everything was always absolutely smooth.
Quality vs Rapid Growth.2016-12-22T11:48:22-07:00

Though the dream is big, just like you, we’ve learnt that it takes time to build EACH component with LOVE, CARE and LONGEVITY in mind. That’s why we’ve abandoned rapid growth model, using investment as Steroids.

Instead we prefer to use
Toyota-Lean/Efficiency and automation model, GE-small action teams that focus on delivering service that market demands with a foresight of what’s coming ahead and WestJet-small, sustainable aircraft model where the Team is always Upbeat, Cheerful and Innovative, while the quality is not diluted by the “big size”. We call WestJet “Big Company small family Spirit.”

How much Equity will I get?2016-12-22T11:46:26-07:00
    1. We are not a huge money making cash cow that is raised for slaughter, sorry sale. Yes, life put us through more than one test of “dedication” to be able to say that. Trust us, it WASN’T easy to be growing Fresh Start on “shoe string budget” when hardly anyone believed that someday it will flourish. We just did not know it was impossible, this is why the dream came true. Instead of asking a question whether we deserve the dream, we asked: is this dream worth us? Yes, and we still 120% believe it is.
    2. This is why we are not asking your for help, we are inviting you to be a part of a bigger picture, where you can contribute to a life and health transformation of first hundreds, then thousands, millions, billions of people. And if you can dream it, you can do it.
    3. We do not offer Equity sharing, as the Fresh Start is not built to be SOLD. Fresh Start is here to help the humanity gradually improve their health, learn a new way of living and create a New Destiny for our kids.

Well, you cannot sell destiny, do an acquisition, or a merger with it….  That’s why we are not using a typical enterprise growth model. We’ve had more than one venture capitalist approach us offering to invest anywhere from $500.000-$12.000.000 but – it would mean that the Fresh Start would not be able to do what it is created for.

How much will I make during 3-5 yrs?2016-12-22T12:32:22-07:00

  • You can calculate on your own using this online calculator. Please use these settings:
    1. Payments: Monthly
    2. Compounding: Annually
    3. Amortization Method: Normal
What are your terms?2016-12-22T12:46:29-07:00
  • Currency: CAD
    1. We do business only in Canadian Dollars. Due to the constantly fluctuating exchange rate we are not setup for USD, EUR or other market currencies.
  • Amount: $10-50.000-3 yrs term.
  • Amount: $60-150.000-5 yrs term.
  • Terms: Locked in investment, Compounding Annually, Amortization Plan: monthly payments
    1. Principal and interest is paid out monthly until balanced is paid.
  • Loan start date:
    1. Loan commences on the date funds have been deposited into the Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers Ltd. designated bank account.
  • Deposits: payments are made through automatic EFT deposits into your Canadian bank account on a loan start date or the next banking business day.
  • Contract: Promissory note and a loan agreement signed by both parties
  • Early pay out or withdrawal
    1. Normally we take on only as many investment as our cashflow can reasonably sustain for balanced growth. Typically we prefer to bring our loans to maturity and take our new only if we can sustain the new ones properly, without a strain on the team and budget.  
What is a minimum and maximum investment?2016-12-22T11:35:55-07:00

$10.000-$150.000. Until 2018 we won’t be talking on greater investments than that as we have quite a bit to build up the infrastructure and bring team building to completion, as we’ve hired and trained about 80% of the team.

A Great Getaway With Friends

Whether you’re looking for a women’s retreat or “something different” for an office getaway, coming to Fresh Start Health Retreats offers you a chance to renew and revitalize in a beautiful resort. You’ll return to your normal life energized and invigorated.

Time to Reset Your Stress

Sometimes the only way to reduce stress fast enough is to completely change your environment. We suggest that when you’re ready to run away, you run to a place where you can get healthy, calm, and re-energized. We’ve spent years creating that haven.
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