Melissa, Ontario, Canada

“I came to lose a couple of lbs. and found a whole new love for myself and my life. I lost some weight. My skin is great. I feel like my life is going to be better because of this place.”

Improvements with: Emotional Wellness, Weight Loss, Digestive Health, Skin Complexion, Energy Levels, Pulse, Emotional Eating Patterns and other Lifestyle Habits.

Had gained a little bit of weightLost 5 lbs.
Digestive bloatingGone
Rough skin complexionClear and soft skin
Low energyMy energy is up
A lot of resistance and pain from the past.Have released it. The therapist has given me some tools to be able to deal with my emotions. I’m going to use the information that I learned about nutrition in my normal day-to-day life.
Pulse 82Pulse 69
Had patterns of not eating the right foods, was drinking a lot of coffee, not a lot of exercise.I’ve gained the tools, mentally, physically, nutrition wise, it’s been perfect. Just exactly what I needed to keep going on my journey to drive back across Canada and for better life.
It’s spiritual. It’s just a sense of well-being I’ve never felt, and I’ll never be the same.

My Emotional Healing Journey at the Fresh Start

About six months ago I went through separation with my husband. It was one of the saddest and most wonderful things that happened to me. I decided to quit my job and to drive across Canada, on a journey for myself. I did not know what I needed, but I knew I needed to go. It was a wonderful journey, I stayed in some beautiful places…I had been eating protein bars and fast food, I did not stop anywhere to make my own food. I was drinking coffee, after coffee, alcohol, wine with dinner and not taking care for myself. I wasn’t active. And not only that, I felt I needed to take time to stop. All I felt I was doing was driving. My mind needed a break. Me and my friend were talking maybe about some juicing, shed some weight, maybe to get some clarity…We got on a laptop…and we saw the Fresh Start. It was a couple hours away and seemed like a perfect place…

At first, I was the saddest I’ve ever been. I let myself feel it, where before I would put a pretty smile on my face and tried to push it down, that sadness…It was a safe place to let it out and just to be sad. Because people here know what they are doing, and they are able to help you to understand your feelings and emotions that you are going through. There were the things I didn’t ever realize were deep down there that got up to the surface. Once I released those feelings, it almost felt like that weight was lifted off my shoulders…I felt that the food has really helped, too. Just not drinking caffeine, eating fresh food, just nourishing my body…

I don’t think I felt this good in a long time. It’s this feeling of wellbeing. I just have this love for myself and am excited for the future…

I am gonna be more mindful of everything, my nutrition, my thoughts. I want to be more physical, like I used to be. Just because I am on the road, it does not mean that I cannot go for a walk, for a run, just to do stretching…Things that are good for myself. We deserve to feel good, to treat ourselves well…

I knew I was gonna heal here. I knew it was a beginning. I knew that it was a journey. This is the start of something great. My journey across Canada was wonderful, but this is going to be wonderful in a whole new way.

One-on-one GO-DEEPER™ services

Every therapist I spoke to gave me what I needed at that moment. It was something to chew on. The Heart Therapy was awesome. Everyone is so spiritual, they are in tune with themselves, with energy. I had this sense of well-being. There was some of resistance, and it was taken away…

Energy work and Reiki was just so good. A lot of this stuff you think it’s gonna be something. It’s gonna be a regular Reiki session. And it’s completely not. They specifically make it to you personally what you are needing. You can’t just have a cookie cutter. It has to be specific for somebody. And I think that is what everybody here does…

The acupuncture was for me the biggest break through. All the other therapists set me up for this last one. I was ready for it to put my ego aside and just release what I needed to release.

I even shocked myself with how much I was able to let go…It’s nice to feel different, that I am ok where I am. I am excited for what is to come, whatever that is, but I am happy where I am. And it is important to be happy in your skin, where I am. I am really thankful.

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  • End-Program Self-Assessment
  • Health Information Chart, Weight and Pulse
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

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