Juice Fast Picture - OrangeIt is natural for someone to wonder if they can do a detox like our whole body cleanse at home by themselves.

Detoxification can be done at home and there will be benefits from doing this, IF you know how to do it right and can discipline yourself to do and not to do certain things.

Basis of All Detox Programs

A detox program typically includes either some sort of fasting/semi-fasting (decrease in food consumption) or diet alteration resulting in decrease of calories, processed foods, coffee etc. – in combination with or without specialty herbs or supplements. The idea is to lighten the toxic load on your system and to let it catch up on the housekeeping chores that it normally does not have a chance to.

It Can Be Hard To Stick To Cleanse/ Juice Fast On Your Own

Some of the guests in our programs have shared that they have tried different things at home and could not reach the results they expected because they were not able to be as faithful in following the program as they could while with us. The reasons are multiple:

  • fear of/ unpleasant emotions around idea of fasting;
  • fear or experiencing detox symptoms;
  • demanding routine of a family life;
  • non-supportive family member;
  • feeling guilty about “pampering oneself” when everyone works hard and needs you;
  • potent food smells around the house activating digestive juices;
  • difficulty to concentrate on the preparation of drinks;
  • feeling of hunger or hunger pains;
  • multiple distractions;
  • difficulty to stay away from business and to-do mode, in order to completely relax;
  • not knowing what to do in the free from the cleanse drinks time;
  • social events around food;
  • inability to de-digitize.

Time Is A Factor

Detoxification is rewarding but time consuming, and by an exception of a few very mild cleanses it is not something you should do while carrying on with your normal routine: your body just needs a chance to unwind and rest when cleansing. Unless you can with a purposeful intention spend several days doing nothing but cleanse planning and produce shopping, juicing, drinks or special foods preparation and relaxing, it might become quite a burden, especially without expert assistance.

It Is Crucial to Detox in the Proper Way!

When you are detoxing, many toxins are released into your bloodstream, and if your body is not able to eliminate them properly, they can be reabsorbed and do more harm than good. You must know how to prepare properly and not do harm to yourself during your cleanse.

How We Can Help

Fresh Start Health Retreat has been specializing in guided advanced body detox for many years. We can provide that expert assistance, as well as a supportive environment for your detox. Our Detox Programs include a variety of different cleansing drinks, consisting of freshly squeezed juices, herbs and other ingredients. Our formulas are custom-built and carefully tested. The combination of vegetables and fruit that our blends consist of are specially chosen for their cleansing and healing properties. Additionally, if you are afraid to fast, we have an option of healthy eating retreats that are mildly cleansing and very effective. You also can choose the full package: advanced whole body detox and to continue on the therapeutic eating program after.

Our Detox Juice Fast

Your entire digestive system will receive a thorough flush and a thorough inner scrub. The cleanse includes fibre drinks, which miminize detox symptoms and ensure speedy toxins elimination.  Fiber is a magic sponge able to absorb several times more toxins than its own volume. Additionally, our special parasite cleanse and Candida cleanse formulas are designed to get rid of unwanted residents of your digestive tract and blood.

Our whole body detox and juice rejuvenation program is unique in many ways, with elements that cannot be recreated at home. First we have many things that you probably do not have access to at home:

  • We create a well-thought through structure and provide professional guidance so needed for your success
  • Steam bath increasing speed with which toxins leave blood and lymph
  • Someone preparing drinks every 2-3 hours throughout the day and serves them within 30 min from preparation, each one fresh – on eating days a chef that every day ensures that only good things go into your body and takes time to create a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats at each meal
  • Wheat grass juice (unless you know how to grow wheat grass and have a special juicer)
  • Over 40 additional spa services enhancing the results and wellbeing: massage, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, steam, honey and fruit facials and more

(Please note that our spa services are not included in the package prices and are provided for additional fees.)

Here Is What Else Is So Different About Our Detox Programs

Specific and deep cleanse of various organs. Digestive system, liver, blood, lung and other specific cleanses will be included in your program, if you choose ad advanced whole body detox.

The setting provides ideal conditions for complete rest: physical, mental, emotional. 99% of cleansing actually takes place in the mind. To allow your mind to orchestrate the job, you need to get away from chores, phone, TV, worries and hustles and bustles of the home life.

You get expert coaching by people who understand the process very well and who can explain what each particular juice is for. They will answer your questions, help with any concerns should they arise, and will guide you step by step.

You will be immersed into a group environment, where everyone is committed to the same goal. The goal of working on one’s health, changing one’s lifestyle, simply saying getting a Fresh Start.

You are coming to the program that is nurturing, stimulating, warm, at times challenging, and just fun. This is the most healing of all aspects when it comes to a successful program. Just about all of our guests tell us that the most wonderful advantage they had while staying at the centre was a personal touch. We do everything possible to create a family environment and a place of growth and peace.

You get priceless health education. A lot of people who hear the information that is presented during their programs say they had never heard anything about these topics or never understood health principles on such a deep and personal level before. We consider this part of our program the most important and life-changing.

Finally, you are coming to a transformational program. Many of our guests say that they have had a paradigm shift; that they will never be the same after the program. This is because of the energy, knowledge and experience that every person on the team generously shares with you from the heart; it is because of the temple, a healing place that is naturally created at the Fresh Start each session; it is because of every step and realization that brought you to the decision: I had enough of being unwell and am ready for a total health and wellness makeover.

We would be happy to give you a free health consultation to discuss your particular situation and whether/ which health retreat would be beneficial for you.