Why Does Your Healing Momentum Reach Ultrasonic Speed after 14 Days?

When was the last time you renovated your house? Put in a new custom-crafted kitchen, painted the walls, reorganized your bedroom? Was it a lot of work? Did it cost more than you estimated? Did it turn out the way you wanted?

How about your inner house – your health? When was the last time it has been repainted? Was it a major re-finish or just light touch-ups? Is health your upkeep majorly overdue? How much have you been investing into your main possession?

Maybe it’s time to change the pattern of putting your house, vacation, and car first, and to stop feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. Finally – get finally selfish… or selfless. Instead of taking another pill to numb the pain, stop to finally hear what the pain has been trying to tell you. Instead of taking another cruise ship, embark on a trip to wellness. Instead of buying another car, repair the finest and most valuable mechanism of your health. Your body needs your love. And it really needs your help.

Healing Momentum Graph

In a nutshell: Healing momentum is like an airline flight. It takes time to climb to a cruising altitude. It normally takes your body a good 5 to 7 days. Then each hour you are enroute to the destination, you travel at a 900 km an hour speed…not bad for a “leisurely stroll out in the clouds.”

Just imagine that an airplane is like your body, for two weeks you have been accumulating fuel, each time going faster and faster, and then suddenly you break through the sonic barrier. Well, it’s no miracle, it’s just common sense. If you work long enough and hard enough at it, you by default will get to the desired destination.

How We Build Your Healing Momentum While At Fresh Start

Upon arrival to Fresh Start, first your body starts rejuvenating and catching up on needed sleep, as well as rehydrating and oxygenating its cells. You begin to gain healing momentum.

Then, it removes the junk that it has been dreaming of getting rid of for years. The junk that makes you feel exhausted and “blah” all the time, the junk that makes your gorgeous Buddha belly, the junk that has been rotting in your gut and making your breath, feet and armpits stink.

Does that sound unreal?

Think about this: most of us eat at least 3 times a day and should eliminate the same amount. The math is simple: what made its way in should make its way out. If this does not happen, which is typical for most of us, where do you think this gunk goes? Yes, it stays first in our gut, then some of it leaches into the surrounding tissues and the rest becomes a thick tarry plaque or “rubber tires” (believe me, it’s no fairy tale: I have the proof, which for aesthetic reasons I do not want to show here). Then, if you try to absorb nutrients via your gut, they have to go through this rubber tire. As you can imagine, you will not get much, and your body will slowly become nutritionally-depleted and polluted over time.

Conclusion: better out than in. Leave it at Fresh Start. Whatever happens at Fresh Start stays at Fresh Start. These are the only circumstances when we’ll gladly take your BS. We’ll help you cleanse the toxins accumulated in the body tissues and to optimize the work of your organs: bowel, lungs, liver, kidneys and skin. You’ll flush Candida and other creatures waving at you when you look down the toilet tunnel… Advanced whole body detox is just a must for you. We call it de-cluttering of the house, or a garage sale if you will. You don’t need to hold on to THIS memorabilia.

Accumulate and Accelerate

Not the rubber tires of course. After the rehydration, oxygenation and housecleaning, you will start receiving quality nutrients. Finally instead of being fed, you will feel nourished. Instead of the taste of pizza, try the taste of health. And let me tell you, it is RAWSOME. And I bet you’ll crave it when you get home… Using all of these goodies: quality organic and mostly raw foods, as well as green smoothies and freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices, your body will be able to successfully accomplish cellular re-nourishment, to accumulate building blocks of nutrients and to collect extra energy. Compare this step with preparation of a design, paints, brushes and other supplies for the house renovation.


ARE YOU READY? The noble hardwood floors, the sexy marble counters, sparking new sinks and appealing earth-colored drapery on Gothic style windows… Can anyone tell how many calls it took, how much change the initial drawings survived, can you yourself recall the number of trips you made to the stores and craftsmen? Guests may just see the final perfect results of your dream, but only you know what happened between now and the dream’s birth.

There is always ground work that needs to be done first. These were our first two steps. It may look outside just like a few meditations and yoga classes, a relaxing massage and a productive colonic, a couple of yummy drinks and a few delicious meals. Yet your body has been working all along, so that you could enjoy surprising and amazing changes in the way you feel and look. A miracle you truly deserve: a total health and wellness makeover.

Once the cleansing and cellular re-nourishment and refueling have been completed, your body is able to focus on making its work visible.

Silky-smooth rosy skin, gorgeous shiny hair, a lean silhouette that you can admire in the mirror, regular bowel habits you are proud of… Now your body can work hard to calm inflammation, rebuild and restructure its tissues, normalize and stabilize the work of all systems and specific unhealthy organs – with ever-accelerating speed. The pieces of a big puzzle are coming together, and you have your big “Aha” moment: you finally found the answers to the questions you’ve asked for years.

Now you can see now how simple health is, and what’s more – how to continue sparkling with it when you get home. It’s clear now what to buy and where, and what to stay away from. What menu you are going to use, and how to “convert” your household by amazing dishes you prepare. You feel ecstatic and on the top of the world.

This is the true make-over and a life-changing experience, a Fresh Start.

P.S. This is how by starting gradually the healing momentum accelerates to supersonic speed over the course of our 3-week programs. May we suggest you undergo a thorough complete renovation and abandon quick roof patches on your inner house? Because you have only one body, and it is worth the investment at least as much as the house you live in.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience