Annette Davis, RCH

Registered Colon Hydrotherapist 

If the sewer system in your home is backed up, your entire home is affected. Should it be any different with your body.

Norman Walker DSc
  • Very experienced colon hydrotherapist

  • Very nurturing and supportive

  • Has an awesome sense of humour

  • Has extensive home support work experience

  • Total believer in what she does: recovered from a life-threatening disease, which she largely attributes to colon hydrotherapy

Professional experience: over 22 years         

Who Am I?

It is hard to imagine our team and services without this nurturing, warm and fun individual. Annette naturally feels and knows how to put you at ease with such sensitive treatment as colonics. She is full of life stories and experiences. While in a treatment with her, you’ll travel from Alaska to Europe and will have the belly laugh you really needed. And, if you are interested, Annette will be happy to share with you the wonderful success stories of how colon hydrotherapy has helped many people she has worked with in her extensive practice.

Annette Davis comes to Fresh Start with a passion for helping others get healthier through Colon Hydrotherapy after feeling the positive effects that Colonics had for her.  Coming from a professional background as a home support worker, Annette always felt tired. After her first treatment she “felt so good that she wanted to dance!”  Having serious issues with the digestive system in the past, Annette largely attributes her current health to colonics.  “They saved my life,” she says.

This inspiration lead to her training under Hank Pellzer at The Natural Health Outreach in Penticton in 1997 and to open up her own business in Kamloops called Aqua II Natural Therapeutics.  Annette takes pride in her personable approach and thorough knowledge, which helps clients relax and understand the process. One of her previous clients attributes her treatment to helping with the early detection of prostate cancer.

Besides getting “to the bottom” of a variety of health concerns, Annette loves the outdoors, especially spending time in her garden or horseback riding.  She also enjoys knitting and refurbishing old furniture in her spare time.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience