Fresh Start Transformation

Twelve years in the making and the New Fresh Start is here! For the last 3 years we’ve been working on major changes to the Fresh Start model to respond to your feedback and needs.

Change of the focus from Detox to Health Focus. While the whole body detox is one of the tools we actively keep using, it is only one of the aspects we do.

The Fresh Start begins specializing in helping you work on specific health problems, be it physical, emotional or habits.

If you simply want to relax and getaway, you can choose a relaxation option, too.

Professional Team

We have brought on more unique natural health specialists on board, including Lidia Paice, DNM and Dr. Jeremy Unwin, DTCM; have added a number of great one-on-one treatments; and designed many optional Custom Healing Protocols (organ support and rebuilding formulas, advanced organ-specific cleanses – available any week you come).

Chose your area of focus

We have move away from “one program fits all” to provide you multiple options you can chose from that will meet your needs, time and budget.

Choose GO DEEPER™  or  RELAXATION Specialty Package

Core Program and Specialty Packages: now our service consists of two parts. 

  1. NON-FASTING Core Program: all activities, cleansing drinks and meals ($350 per day). It is your healing foundation but does not include One-on-One, customizations or focus on your individual needs. That’s where Specialty Packages come.

We now offer only 7, 14 and 21 Day programs, with an arrival day on day on Sunday. We’ve seen it takes a minimum of 7 days to see first level of good results.

  1. Specialty Packages: include one-on-one services and Custom Healing Protocols for the entire duration of your stay.
    1. GO-DEEPER: this package is for those who would like to work on their health in depth. It includes upon arrival assessment using Biofeedback and Thermography and professional follow-up on your individualized HEALING PATH, consisting from one-on-one therapies and Custom Healing Protocols. This process is fully guided with specific health goals setting and measuring the results at the end (very inspiring and laser-focused on specific health concerns). Includes before and after picture. You can choose to focus on one of 3 areas: Physical Health, Emotional Wellness or Habits Repatterning™. Cost $1,500 per week.
    2. Relaxation: this package is for those who simply need to unwind and need a me-time. Fully self-designed. However, only relaxation services are allowed for those who choose this package, for safety reasons. Cost $500 per week.

Book your Room Directly through the Resort and Save More

Now you able book your room separately from the core program and can choose not only the Ocean Resort, but also Oyster Bay Resorts (best for guests with pets) across the road or Salmon Point RV park (best for families with kids), or even stay with a local friend.

The Ocean Resort now offers great preferred rates for those that prepay in advance and even greater savings for longer stay. See Accommodations page

When you come as a Couple or with a friend, you save even more as all rates are based on double occupancy. (Whether you stay alone or with a friend, you pay the same preferred price.)

Custom Healing Protocols

Gentle detox, using herbal drinks, wheatgrass juice combined with cherry juice, soothing fermenting drinks, steam bath and vegan meals with large % raw is part of our all programs, in addition we offer a number of Custom Healing Protocols, such as:

  1. Liver (advanced cleanse)
  2. GI rebuilding or Constipation Relief (rebuilding formula)
  3. Respiratory (advanced cleanse)
  4. Pancreas Support (rebuilding formula)
  5. Adrenal Support (rebuilding formula)
  6. Circulatory and Heart Support (rebuilding and advanced cleanse formula)
  7. Heavy Metal (advanced cleanse)
  8. Weight Loss (metabolic formulas)

More Custom Healing Protocols are being added regularly. View details.

Delicious Core Program and Flexibility

Great news for repeat guests! GI Flushing and morning fasting is now optional, while you still get outstanding results! We use gentler and more delicious methods and include some comforting warm foods, including soups for most nights. Please see our latest testimonials:

Results with: Core ProgramGO DEEPER™: Specialty Packages

7 Day Health Retreat

14 Day Health Retreat

21 Day Health Retreat

Once again we want to thank everyone who has chosen to attend one of Fresh Start programs in the past and shared the feedback of what you were hoping we’d be able to offer. Now it is here and even more wonderful things each year will be added as you’ll see Fresh Start grow.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience