5 Tips on How to Enjoy a Healthier and Happier Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas season is  here once again, and we want to thank each Fresh Start guest for choosing the Fresh Start in your healing journey. We wish you a healthy Chrismas, and a wonderful holiday season. May your New Year bring you even more positive transformations, helping you live a more fulfilling, purposeful and healthy life.

5 Tips For A Healthy Christmas

  1. Put love into the food you make. Do not worry if it is not all perfectly healthy. Think positive thoughts and send great wishes to those you are baking your cookies for. You do not even need to say these wishes in person, just hold them in your thoughts.
  2. When you eat, savor each bite, and do not rush to finish. Enjoy your meal and eat it with gratitude. Be present to the smells, flavors, and appearance of your food. Enjoy the company of your companions. Do not judge yourself about your choices, just notice how they feel.
  3. Remember to take care of yourself as you get ready for the holidays. Create a checklist of things you can do for yourself and your health, and do/check at least one to two items every day… Remember to take time every day to recharge: go for a short walk, drink a glass of water… Remember to stop to feel your body and soul and give them what they need. The goal is to have a healthy Christmas, instead of accumulating stress and depleting yourself. Tiny moments of self-care make a big difference.
  4. Do not give out all your energy and finances to throw a party or impress friends. Remember that this is exactly what the advertisements and shopping industry want you to do, yet this is not what anyone truly desires or needs.
  5. Remember to keep the true spirit of Christmas, which is love. Appreciation, kind words and time with your loved ones mean much more to them than a perfectly decorated house or Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us to you.

The Fresh Start Team

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