Erica Huston

Psycho-somatic Therapy and Indian Head Massage

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

  • Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Practitioner (CAIEHP)
  • Psycho-somatic Bodywork
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher; Registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT)
  • Workshop Facilitator: Bridging Energy Science & Personal Health

Professional experience: 6 years         

Who Am I?

Erica is a Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Practitioner, with extensive healing and teaching experience across various communities in British Columbia. She had a private practice in North Vancouver, as well as clinical experience in rehab facilities, eating disorder clinics, senior and palliative care centers, Burnaby’s juvenile detention center, and St. Paul’s hospital. Erica has taught courses and workshops at Douglas College, Capilano University, Decoda Literacy Conference, and wellness facilities on various topics bridging energy science and personal health, as well as on trauma-informed yoga.

Erica has always been curious about life’s difficult questions and motivated by a search for ‘God’, for connection. From an early age, she would pick up on the things that weren’t seen or told, but sensed. Like many people who are unaware of their high sense perception, feeling overwhelmed, Erica struggled with severe mental health challenges and deep confusion about life and herself. A breakdown brought her to the hospital where she was told that she may never recover from this ‘episode’ and was prescribed medication to manage her ‘schizoid symptoms’.

In the process of leaving the US, extensive traveling, and moving to Canada, Erica discovered holistic approaches to healing. After dedicating some serious time and training to health, things started to shift. Her asthma managed with a steroidal inhaler since 5 years old was completely gone, along with cravings to smoke. Erica developed an awareness of her intensely sensitive nature, growing and honing this intuitive skill in her healing practice. Using her innate abilities as a strength, she listens and allows information from her clients’ physical and energetic bodies to come through. Erica considers the body’s ‘knowing’ the missing puzzle piece, the energetic key that illuminates the knowledge needed to heal what is at the root of health challenges.

Erica’s training and modalities include:

  • Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (Langara College)
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga within Vulnerable Communities (Nicole Marcia)
  • Thousand Petal Lotus technique of Indian Head Massage (Glynnis Osher at the Vancouver School of Healing)
  • Biofield Healing Science (Barbara Brennan)
  • Integral Yoga Psychology (Sri Aurobindo)
  • Poly-Vagal & Nervous System regulation (Bessel Van Der Kolk)
  • Psycho-somatic approaches to trauma (Peter Levine)
  • Chakra system alignment (Anodea Judith)
  • ‘Focusing’ method / Awareness Dialogue (Eugene Gendlin)
  • Art of Body Reading & Characterology (Ron Kurtz)
  • ‘Energetics of Purpose’(Cyndi Dale)
  • Shining a Light on Racial Wounding, Race-Based Stress & Trauma Training (Dr. Gail Parker)

On a personal note, Erica’s need for quiet contemplation and reflection is balanced with a healthy craving for adventure, challenge, and new experiences. She enjoys dancing, reading, and being outside: camping, hiking, paddle trips, and leisure bike rides with her partner.

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