Cindy Leech

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

“We shall not cease from Exploration, and at the end of our Exploring, will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time”

T.S. Eliot
  • 500 hr Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Yogafit for Warriors 100 hr Certified Trauma Sensitive Program Canfit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Fitness Instructor Schwinn Certified Spin Instructor
  • Chair Yoga Instructor for Better Breathers Association, Berwick Retirement Home and the City of Campbell River

  • 2 time Finalist and a teacher at the winner for the Best Yoga in Campbell River for 2019

Professional experience: over 16 years         

Who Am I?

Cindy found her passion in Health & Wellness after re-joining the gym to lose the weight she had put on after having children and owning a business. She got Certified as Fitness Instructor with BCRPA as she loved connecting with people while exercising. Soon after, Cindy realized that her passion was to help others feel better about themselves. So she began educating herself in anatomy and became a Certified Personal trainer with CanFit Pro.

As Cindy kept drawing from Yoga to help people, she started taking Yoga Courses from YogaFit Inc and fell in love with incorporating the body, mind, and spirit to reawaken new energy. Cindy felt most grateful when she discovered Trauma sensitive yoga when after suffering from PTSD she was able to use it in her own path to recovery. Movement matters. It is finding the appropriate movement for your body at the time.

Cindy loves nature! Mountains, ocean, lakes, trees, rocks, and birds. She loves it here! She loves to garden, hike, camp, and seeing people smile. Cindy’s favorite activity was participating in the K’husam climb, an annual event organized on the solstice. During this event participants from around the world come to “conquer” the wild and rugged 23 km loop heading up and over Mount H’Kusam. Completing the gruelling loop up over a 5500-foot mountain, she did it a few times with her grown children and gave her son a hard time to try to beat!

Cindy also loves travelling and was fortunate to travel to many destinations while taking her Yoga trainings, along with some trips with her husband that included Thailand and Philippines.

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