Congratulations on having decided to “start your wellness journey today.”  We trust you’ve done your homework, going over the Key Info to help you learn about the services. If you would like to secure your spot for a particular date/program, please register online as soon as you are ready to book. If a program is fully booked, you can still be added to our waiting list.

No Pets

If you’d like to come with the Pet, please Do NOT Register Online . Be sure go over “Staying with a Pet” page first and then call us.  Your understanding is much appreciated.

Do NOT Book Your Flight, Just YET!!!

Right after completion of the Online Registration you’ll need to speak with the Program Consultant to review your Health Profile and Finalize the Registration. Please, be patient, you are almost there :)   We’ll talk to you soon.

7 Day 10% Deposit

14 Day 10% Deposit

21 Day 10% Deposit

When you should NOT Register Online

Fresh Start Team has helped a lot of guests since 2005. We are able to accommodate most guests, however we do have our limitation too.

DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE if you have any of the below listed apply to you, instead please complete a Free Consultation form.

NOTE: If you just call, we won’t be able to tell you whether you can attend the program, until you’ve completed a consultation.

Kids: we do not accept guests with children under the age of 14. Child must go through registration and is required to be a Full Time participant.

Pets: we do not allow pets. There is a property across the road you can stay with the pet. Read “Staying with a Pet.”

Mobility issues: in a wheelchair, cannot walk up/down one flight of stairs or is not able look after him/herself during the program.

Severe condition aggravation: you know, you need to be in a hospital but want to deal with it naturally (bleeding, psychosis, heart attack, gall bladder attack).

Severe food allergies: We accommodate gluten, meat & dairy, eggs, sea food allergies (shell fish, crab, oysters clam and other). If you have a sever food allergy/sensitivity to fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds there are additional fees for meals/drinks customization, if we can accommodate you. Please complete a Free Consultation form and speak with the Program Consultant first.

Severe Social phobia-afraid to be around other people. At Fresh Start we work in a group environment (classes, meals, guided fitness), just like team collaboration at work. If you’ve attended a local High School, it is very similar dynamic environment. Relaxing, social interaction. You can always step out to your room but everything else is done in a group environment. Guests will always be around you.

 Online Registration Terms and Conditions:

By registering online you agree to the following Terms:

Online Registration is not a final registration.

  1. You confirm that you have read Do NOT Register Online If…” and these do not apply to you. (pets, kids, mobility issues, food allergies, advanced  health condition)
  2. You agree to pay a 10% Deposit to secure your space. If we are overbooked, we’ll refund the 10% Deposit.
  3. We guarantee to hold your space for 1-3 business days until your registration has been finalized.
  4. Consultation: You agree to schedule and complete a 30-60 min consultation with the Program Consultant within 1-3 days after registration.
  5. Payment: You agree to pay remainder of the balance: 50%-if greater than 30 days, or 100% if less than 30 days, at the end of the consultation.
  6. Change of Mind FeeIf you changed your mind before the registration has been finalized, your 10% Deposit will be refunded, less $100+GST Processing Fee, per participant. Refund policy DOES NOT apply after you have finalized the registration and agreed to regular payment terms during the consultation. See Payment and Cancellation Terms.
  7. Abandoning Registration: If you have not spoken with the Program Consultant within 7 business days after the online registration, to finalize your stay, your registration is considered Abandoned and you will be refunded the Deposit, less the  $100+GST Processing Fee.

Discounts: If there is a seasonal offer we will apply it to your Invoice when you call to finalize the Registration. We will send you an Invoice with an adjusted balance. Remaining balance will be charged only after we have applied all applicable discounts and specials.


We accept all major credit cards, e-transfers, EFT, wire transfers or financing company payments. While we accept money order or cash, we cannot finalize the registration until the payment has arrived. Multiple e-transfers is a great alternative. Fast, secure and easy.

If you are registering:

Greater than 30 days prior to the start date of your program:

  • 50% payment of the package price is required to register
  • with the balance due 30 days prior to the package starting date.

Less than 30 days prior to the starting date of your program:

  • the full balance is required to register or the remainder or the balance.

Cancellation, Rescheduling & Transfers

Exception for Online Registration: 10% Deposit is not a final sale. When you’ve finalized the registration with Program Consultant and agreed to the terms over the phone, it becomes final.

All sales are final. We do not refund on cancellations, late arrivals, early departures or no shows. In the event you cannot make it for a scheduled session here are the options you’ve got:

Greater than 14 Days – can reschedule or transfer, no fees applied.

Less than 14 Days –  $250 fee re-setup applied to reschedule or transfer.

Worst case: if you could not make it or to had to unexpectedly leave the program, you can come back within 365 days of your departure to finish the remainder of the program or transfer to a family member or a friend, provided we have space available. There is a $250 re-setup fee.

We strongly recommended to purchase a Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance in the event you have to cancel or depart earlier.

Upgrading, Downgrading or Extending Your Stay

Downgrading – because our payment policy states “All Sales are Final”, you will not be able to downgrade your program, accommodation type or package after you registered.

Upgrading – you have an option of upgrading, provided we still have space available.

Extending – contact a Program Consultant to request an extension of your program.

Please call a Program Consultant at 1-888-658-3324 to discuss your request.

Travel & Health Insurance

Health Insurance is recommended for guests arriving from outside Canada, and Travel Insurance is strongly recommended for EVERYONE.

After you have registered, we will provide you with Travel Insurances Companies info.

International Guests

Please contact a broker in your area; your broker may be able to purchase insurance for you through AIG (conditions apply).

7 Day Health Retreat

14 Day Health Retreat

21 Day Health Retreat