Antiviral Defence Program

Empower yourself with emotional resilience and stronger immunity

Are you concerned your health may suffer in the face of this pandemic?


Have you been experiencing sleepless nights and  the overwhelming state of fear and helplessness?

Most of us are not looking forward to hearing more bad news and worse, the economical slow down, while bills keep coming in. Nothing disempowers you more than the paralyzing and all-consuming fear of the unknown when you do not have motivation and energy to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Fear Prevention

Are you worried about contracting an infection or  for a family member with compromised immunity?

You may recall days when you felt great, were on top of the game and enjoyed vibrant health. As years went by, you have seen your energy drop, health go down and you fear that this below-optimum health condition puts you into the high risk category…unless you really do something about it soon.  

Family Time

Are you having a hard time just getting through a day,  and keeping your family cheerful and organized?

With over 90% of businesses closed and kids coming for an unexpected school vacation, the situation does not help you keep your sanity. This extra load of duties, organizing and taking care of everyone’s well-being puts more stress on you. You just hope that the quarantine will be over soon. 

Free Antiviral Defence Program Overview

Just like you, we’ve been impacted by the wave of fear that has swept the world in the matter of days related to COVID-19. We knew, if it impacted us emotionally, there are those people that have been impacted even more, because they are already on antidepressants, had prior PTSD, anxiety, chronic condition and have been on various medications.

Our Antiviral Defence Program is designed to support everyone in the times of crisis, to be proactive, and to keep happy and healthy. For years, Fresh Start has been assisting the guests in healing, using natural and effective healing methods, from physical ailments, emotional traumas, and in transformation of unhealthy habits, such as smoking, excessive wine consumption and sugar addiction. We we would like to make this knowledge available to you and truly hope that it will help you, your family and your community.

Note: All speakers here donate their time as volunteers. In fact, the reason why this program has been started, is because some of them offered the idea and their contribution.

Here are 3 main topics that will be covered by the program:

Overcoming Fear

Overcome fear

How to Deal with the Unexpected

  • Compounding effect of past traumas on aggravation of the current fears
  • 5 Stages of Fear
  • Effect of fear on the nervous system
  • How to break free from fear and anxiety in the times of crisis
  • Breathing techniques to calm and reset the nervous system



How to Strengthen Your Immunity

  • What viruses are and how they work
  • How to strengthen compromised immunity
  • How to improve your lung health
  • Natural holistic, home-based immune boosting plan
  • Daily sanitization and prevention routine

Family Joy

Family Joy

Connect and Use Downtime Effectively

  • Ten tips how to generate joy
  • How to support your local community
  • How to keep your family organized when everyone is at home
  • How to read and listen to the news sensibly, without destroying your peace of mind
  • Joy boosters, ideas and jokes

How the Information is Presented?

  • Educational articles, including practical tips and exercises
  • Mini-interviews and tips from the Fresh Start professional team
  • Supplementary information

In addition to the existing content, we will be posting new:

  • Interviews and Live e-webinars with the specialists, followed by Q&A 

Please ensure you keep an eye on what’s happening.

The Team Behind the Antiviral Defence Program

These and other Fresh Start team members will join us for interviews to share their experience and knowledge on the topics above.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you stay compliant with your local Health/Government authorities requirements. If any tips presented in our materials are contradictory to the current regulations, please adapt the information to meet those requirements.

Antiviral Defence Program

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