Bernice, AB, Canada

“In my life I tend to be focusing on my family and other members, and I come last. It’s really worthwhile taking the time to work on ourselves, because you only have this body, this is our vehicle for life, and I want to make sure that I have a high quality of life for as long as I’m here.”

Improvements with: Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits, Weight Loss/ Obesity.

I put on extra weight due to life stressorsLost 6.6 lbs in 6 days
Suffered with psoriasis for decadesMy skin is clear now, and my psoriasis is subsiding
Feeling stressedFeeling relaxed
While I was here, a family member had a heart attack; this is an individual who appears very healthy, not overweight, the least likely to have a heat attack.It’s a 100% wake-up call, when I go home I am going to take healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle with me, try to eliminate animal products from my diet, and certainly for my family I’m going to look at cutting back on animal products, because I can see now the importance of health and healthy lifestyle, and retaining health long term.

Experience Highlights:

  • Amazing place on the ocean; peaceful and relaxing.
  • Connecting with others.
  • Going on great walks along the beach.
  • Taking Zumba classes.
  • Learning from videos and extracurricular activities, having resources to take home, recipes, etc.
  • The food is the best I’ve ever had in a wellness retreat; absolutely delicious.

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Before and After Program Self-Assessments
  • Health Information Chart
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

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