Fresh Start Spa Services

All spa services are available only to the guests on the wellness program at the Health Spa. Please note that not all Spa Services may be available during every session, and will be offered based on therapist availability.

Fresh Start Healing Services Rates

The One-on-One Sessions, as well as Professional Services are part of your program, so you do not need to worry about additional fee – unless you request extra treatments. This list is provided just to show the value of individual services.

  • 1 ½ hr. Appointment $160
  • 1 hr. Appointment $110
  • Hot Stone Massage 90 min $205
  • Herbal Stem Massage 90 min $175
  • Ayurveda  Massage 90 min $175
  • Colonic with Coffee $125
  • Colonic Standard (with Chlorophyll) $115
  • 7-Day Go-Deeper Professional Services Package $500*
  • 14-Day Go-Deeper Professional Services Package $800*
  • 21-Day Go-Deeper Professional Services Package $1,000*

* This fee is included in all Go-Deeper™ packages. It is non-refundable. Services included: Pre-Program Study of your profile, preparation of your weekly Individualized Healing Path (one-on-one services and custom protocols), Upon Arrival Assessment, End-Program Assessment (14 and 21-Days guests only), Mid-Session Assessment (for 21-Day Guests only) and Individualized Post-Program Tips.

  • N.D. Services as Current $160 per 60 mins, $85 per 30 mins
    • B-Shot $50
    • B (Complex)-shot $55
    • Adrenal Shot $55
    • Electro Dermal Screening 1.5 hours $260
  • Registered Psychologist Services $160 per hour (subject to availability)
  • T.D.C.M. Consulting Services $110 per hour (subject to availability)

Disclaimer: Services prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Some special services may be missing in this list.

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