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Rejuvenation and Raw Organic Vegan Retreats Benefits

Enjoy a Short Health Retreat

Benefits of Jump-Start to Health™ Programs

7 Days Jump-to-Health™ Programs are designed for the relaxation of the body and mind. Their purpose is to give you to help you get a kick-start to improved health and lifestyle, a physiological and emotional break, to boost your immune system and to increase your energy levels.

7-Day Jump-Start to Health™ Programs Will Help You:

  • Push your metabolic re-set button
  • Improve digestion and nutrients absorption
  • Cleanse and nourish your body with healthy live nutrients that will help your mood swings get back to normal
  • Feel your skin leathery smooth and glow
  • Diminish migraines/headaches, and for women painful menses loosen their grip
  • See your gums stopping bleeding
  • And so much more

Who is 7-Day Program Best for

The 7-Day programs are perfect for busy and fairly healthy people who need some rest and rejuvenation, couples’ retreats, family or friends getaways, as well as for busy professionals who need a little health boost and re-set.

Note: The 7-day Jump-Start to Health™ is the shortest program we offer. If you’re looking for even more healing and learning, consider our 14-Day Advanced Whole Body Detox™ and 21-Day Total Health and Wellness Makeover™ programs.

Health Conditions the Program Helps with

Most people who come for the 7-day program have NO HEALTH CONDITIONS and just come for a refresher.

However, some people come with various health needs that they would like to address during their stay.

While we do not treat specific diseases, our guests have found the 7- Day Wellness Programs helpful for conditions that include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Rejuvenation of mind and body
  • Weight loss (average loss 3 lbs per week)
  • Difficulty falling asleep and waking up
  • Bruising easily
  • Increased sweating
  • Sinus problems
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Stiff joints
  • Bad breath and other body odors
  • Frequent urination
  • Foggy brain
  • Heavy menstrual flow
  • Bloating and constipation
  • Frequent fatigue and adrenal exhaustion
  • Nervousness, mood swings
  • Low blood sugar
  • Recovery after treatment with antibiotics
  • Sensitive skin
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Cough
  • Unpleasant symptoms during PMS and menopause

Disclaimer: Please note that the health results differ from a person to person, and we cannot guarantee that your experience/ health improvements will match those you read on our side.


I highly recommend Fresh Start to anyone who has an interest in exploring health enhancement and change in a holistic way.

I came to Fresh Start looking to lose weight and gain a greater understanding of what I needed to do to achieve my optimal health. My time here was much greater than that. I was taken on a journey of profound healing, spiritual growth and integration. I feel nourished and inspired on every level of my mind, body and soul. The practitioners and staff are beautiful people, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from them.

Jackie H.

Program Activities

You will be pleasantly surprised with our thorough approach, how much is offered in a package, as well as with the world-class quality of the spa treatments (paid a-la-carte, but we keep our prices as low as we can to make them affordable).

While enjoying a relaxing getaway at the Fresh Start, you’ll enjoy the most delicious, healthiest organic gourmet meals from scratch you ever had, cleansing and healing drinks, yoga, meditation, fitness, guided walk in beautiful settings and pristine air, quiet journaling at the ocean side, many other awesome activities, professional guidance and quality personalized care.

Cellular Re-nourishment and Focus on Digestive Health

Your package includes enhanced Cellular Re-nourishment™ , which means specially chosen vegan, mostly raw meals with healing and high anti-oxidant properties. These foods are designed for deep nurturing and restoration of your cells. You also will receive many digestive-aid drinks and supplements, such as Digestive Tune-up™, Liver Activation™ and GI Re-building™ Shots, as well as Re-mineralizing Vegetable Broths™ and Re-mineralizing Hot Soups™ (in summer they may alternate with fresh Veggie Juices and Vegetable Smoothies (Raw Soups). With each meal you’ll receive top-quality strains of probiotics and digestive enzymes with proteolytic base (especially helpful for digestion of proteins) by Avena originals.

On top of it, due to the fact that Adrenal Exhaustion and Insomnia are a concern for majority of people, the Adrenal/Thyroid Tonic and Sleep-Enhancing Drink and Supplement are also included in your daily regime.

Detox Component

Detox is an essential part of a health-focused program. Understanding this, we include 2 cleansing drinks during your stay: Mild Digestive Cleanse and Liver Cleanse. These are very safe drinks that will gently cleanse your body.

As alternative to a Cellular Re-nourishment™ retreat, you also have a semi-fasting option (includes Power GI and Lymph Flush™ instead of Mild Digestive Cleanse) on specific dates. To allow sufficient time for stabilizing of the body organs with the profound depth of our advanced cleansing process, the maximum of semi-fasting days allowed for this program is 3. On semi-fasting days no breakfast is served, as you need to free your digestive system for an effective flush.

Individualized Optional Cleanses (not part of the package, paid separately):

  1. Respiratory: For those who are quitting smoking or would like to work more on lung cleanse, we offer optional Advanced Respiratory Cleansing and Re-building protocol.
  2. Advanced Candida/ Heavy Metal: for those who want to work in-depth on Candida flushing and Heavy Metal removal there is a special drink available.

Only one of the Individual Optional cleanses may be chosen.

Safety Goes First

Semi-fasting, Power GI and Lymph Flush, as well as the optional paid cleanses are permission-based. It means that the Program Director Dr. Lidia Paice, based on your health condition, will make a decision whether you can do any of these cleanses. Additionally, she will determine how many days of these cleanses is safe for you to do, as when exactly they will be.

Fresh Start Healing Structure™: 12 Tools We Use to Help You Get There

We offer an all-inclusive whole-meal deal. We take many elements needed for your healing and organize them in an order and frequency that makes the program educational, results-oriented, life-changing, and yet light, experiential and fun in the same time. You should neither be bored nor overloaded with hours of lecturing.

Everything is geared to help you improve your health…

Click on any image below to learn more…
CellularRe-nourishmentHealth EducationYoga and FitnessDetoxEmotional WellnessMeditationHydrationProfessional GuidanceNature and Natural FacilitiesHydrotherapyGroup EnvironmentHealth Spa

To go to a detailed description of each TOOL, please click on the relevant picture.

Program Comparison

The components of each program are similar. Health impact, amount of knowledge and ability to implement it would be very different. It feels really different after a 7, 14 and 21-days. While the level of improvement is proportionate to the length of your stay, there are certain acceleration points. Additionally, more cleanses are included in the 2nd and 3-rd week.

Before you decide on duration of your stay, please take your time to read:

Two Clients Share Their Stories

Taylor participated in a 5-Day Re-Energizer“When I came to the Abundant Life Wellness Center, I needed some time for me.” shared Taylor, who participated in a 5-Day Re-Energizer. “I was mentally and physically exhausted due to my busy life style. I am in the Health and Wellness Industry, so I have a lot of knowledge about health. However the last three years have taken their toll and I had let my good diet choices and exercise program go out the window. I knew that I needed to make some changes.

I left the center feeling calm, cleansed and rejuvenated on all levels: mind, body & spirit. The information and knowledge that I received at the center deepened my knowledge base and reactivated my passion for healthy eating and lifestyle.

BUT… the best thing about my whole experience was seeing my best friend jump out of bed on the third day wanting to go for a walk. Before she came to the program she could hardly get out of bed in the morning and going up and down stairs was very painful. Her hands and legs were so puffy and swollen. Most of this cleared and she was bounding up and down the stairs by the last day.”


Here is what Taylor’s friend, Edy, had to say:

Edy was amazed at her 5 Day Cleanse results“I would eat at fast food places and many, many times my complete meal would consist of a large bag of chips and a chocolate bar and coke.  I had this lifestyle for many years and when I approached my 40’s, I felt 60. I had a hard time walking up stairs, lifting myself off of a couch and even getting out of bed. I was swollen all over and in general just felt like I was dying a slow death.

On the third morning of the program, I literally jumped out of the bed, rather than crawling or dragging out, like I had been doing. As I was walking I said to my friend, oh my goodness, I don’t believe it…my legs are not aching!!! I really just wanted to cry with such joy.

On the fourth day, I woke up and the swelling in my hands was gone. I feel like I have been given a new pair of legs and hands… Coming to Abundant Wellness Center was THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE DONE FOR MYSELF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I really cannot explain my stay; it is something that you have to experience. The wealth of knowledge here at the center and the love you feel is the most amazing feeling.”

Taylor and Edy took time to rejuvenate, re-nourish their bodies, and regain energy. And you can too!



Frustration and pain was then starting to interfere with my work and my personal life in a negative way.

My name is Liam Jolly, and I’m 23 years of age from Vancouver B.C., Canada. I came to Fresh Start here in Campbell River B.C. weighing 166lbs with a height of 5′ 10″. Unfortunately I used to deal with stress, fear, and anxiety about my future and health, because over the past few years my eating and exercise habits went downhill and I was not able to grab control of it. My IBS, indigestion, bloating, over-eating, and not taking care of myself was not only effecting me physically, but it was also bringing me down mentally.
Frustration and pain was then starting to interfere with my work and my personal life in a negative way. I always felt and knew I needed a change but never knew where to begin and would always find an excuse to postpone it. Until one day online, I stumbled across Fresh Start Health Retreats and I knew instantly that this was the time and place to just commit myself to it, and a natural cleanse felt just right for me!
Within 3 days of being on the program I was feeling sharper, happier, and physically I had started losing weight right away. I gained so much knowledge on how to be more enlightened by the simple things in life and was eager to use this new food knowledge in my future as well. It was very rejuvenating for me, as it had been a long struggle over the years.
I would recommend this program to anybody that asks me. This program gave me a new lease on my young life and I could only wish that for other people struggling through same things, it is a great place and program for a wide variety of people.

Thank you Fresh Start for everything you have taught me!