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Nancy Moelaert

Group and Private Kripalu Yoga Instructor

“At this moment in time I feel so utterly blessed to be living my life. I am living my dreams! I feel like an infant, ready to grow and expand into something deeper… bigger.

My passion is to share my journey, to impart on as many people as I can about the ease of life – when you slow down and be present for every little bit of it!”

  • Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Councilor
  • Experienced in leading active meditations and yoga ball classes
  • Accommodating and skillfully works with people of different levels of fitness
  • As Nancy had injury in the past herself, she is very compassionate with those who just begin their journey to wellness
  • Super positive, energetic, passionate and inspiring

Professional experience: over 10 years         

Who Am I?

Nancy first discovered yoga in 1994. She led a very active lifestyle in sports. After years of coping with injuries and chronic pain she was looking for a physical activity that healed and nurtured.

The pain diminished eventually, while her strength and flexibility increased.  In 2007 she became a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Councilor and was awakened to what yoga is really all about: increased self-awareness of our physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual body. This transformation was so profound that it became the base for the style of Yoga that Nancy teaches today.

Nancy’s style of Kripalu Yoga invites a deep inner exploration. Each class is a different experience and adjusted to the vibrations of the participants. Nancy’s joy of teaching resonates through the room and her attention to detail is shared with compassion. Continuously inviting you to breathe and feel more deeply opens your awareness and encourages you to find your own bliss and inner peace.

Additionally, Nancy completed the True Colours Workshop and Critical Incident Stress Management, and has a great experience at leading active meditations.

Nancy’s other passion in life is caving. To be in the great outdoors, hiking, camping, and caving. To explore a world underground, where few have ventured before is invigorating and deeply satisfying. Yoga has enabled her to enjoy these activities with so much more ease and strength. Nancy also enjoys gardening and cooking.

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Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience