The Benefits of Raw Cuisine

raw food

What is the difference between a raw almond and a roasted almond?

If you sent it to the lab and asked them to compare their nutritional value, they would tell you that both nuts contain equal amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and other nutrients. However the true difference is recognized when you plant them. The raw almond, when conditions are right, will produce an almond tree, blooming and bringing lots of almonds. The roasted almond does not have substances which are called enzymes, because they are destroyed in the roasting process.

Enzymes participate in all processes of cells that keep them alive. If there were no enzymes, life would stop. The fruit would stop ripening, the leaves on trees would not grow, and seeds would not sprout. When availability of enzymes is reduced, for example when we cook our food, life itself is reduced.

Enzymes are biological entities that break down proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in order make them absorbable by the body. When we add raw foods to our diet, we increase enzymes. And when we increase enzymes, we increase life, both in quality and length.

Enzymes not only dissolve vitamins and minerals, they do the same with toxins by preparing them for bacteria to digest. Enzymes are used in the pool and spa industry, for example, because they attack algae, slime, sludge, dead plants, insects, leftover fish food, waste produced by people and animals, break down oils from body lotions, suntan lotions, soaps, cosmetics, decomposed sweat, pollen…all without leaving any chemical residue.

During detoxification, enzymes act in the body like detergent, removing toxins accumulated in the crust of colon fecal matter, mucus of the skin, and liver bile.

In short here are some of the benefits of raw foods and their enzymes:

  • Help the body break down toxins and to prepare them for elimination.
  • Help the body digest and assimilate nutrients.
  • Are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients etc. in the most digestible form.
  • Have bacteria and other microorganisms, which become part of healthy colon microflora, improving digestion and activating the immune system.
  • Decrease the consumption of food.
  • Help restore unhealthy tissue.
  • Help launch reversal of degenerative conditions.
  • Activate life in the body and increase energy levels.
  • Clear up skin.
  • Help stabilize body mass index.
  • Help eliminate constipation and decrease the risk of colon cancer.