Health Restoration, Detox & Rejuvenation Programs - Overview

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“In finding the cause, you find the cure.”  

You can count on us to invest ourselves fully in your experience at Fresh Start. When you join us for one of our health programs, whether it's for 2- 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19 or 21 days, we will do everything possible to help you rejuvenate, prevent ill health, and restore your physical and emotional well-being on the way to your enjoyment of life to the fullest.

Whether it is part of your detox/ lifestyle changing program, a massage, a lecture, or a meal, we contribute our positive energy and expertise to you every step of the way. And you will know it. You will feel it. Like many others, after finishing one of our programs, you will likely feel that you have not simply completed a wellness program, but also received a life changing experience.


The core of our health programs

Fresh Start specializes in well-structured, results-oriented, professionally-guided health restoration , detox spa treatments and rejuvenation programs. Get well, restore your energy, prevent dis-ease and de-stress. And finally get your sleeping back on track.

The base of our healing programs is quality nutrition and cellular re-nourishment using predominantly living (raw) food nutrition (over 80%). A small portion of the meals consist of quality simply cooked vegetarian meals.

Additionally, you have an option of advanced whole body detox, if desired (includes semi-fasting).

Throughout the program you will receive many health drinks, including digestion tune-up & calming drinks, drinks and supplements assisting with sleep, fresh juices including wheatgrass, green smoothies, as well as a variety of healing herbal teas and plenty of fresh lemon juice and purified water.

Most people who come to Fresh Start not only want to improve their health, but also to learn how to improve their lifestyle after returning home. During your entire stay we’ll offer comprehensive and well-thought through practical and experiential lifestyle-change education that will help you to stay on track after your program is over.

At Fresh Start you will experience:

  • Well structured, results-oriented health restoration and rejuvenation programs – get well, restore your energy, and de-stress - and finally get your sleeping back on track;
  • Effective and healthy weight loss – get back to shape with using healthy nutrition and exercise. Get back into your favorite clothes, look sexy and find a man/ woman of your dreams – if this is on your bucket list;
  • Powerful boost of immune system – you’ll end your program day with a steam bath with aromatherapy and cold water treatment every night;
  • Practical lifestyle/ emotional wellness education, and healthy habits re-training – teach your taste buds tell you what the taste of health means: learn to eat to live and not to live to eat;
  • Improve digestive health – IBS, heartburn, constipation, liver issues – no one needs those;
  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals that your family will love;
  • Advanced whole-body detox (optional but highly suggested) - do a deep cleanse to optimize work of all body systems and metabolism; rid it from Candida, Parasites and many other toxins;
  • Innate connection with Nature and oneself, while getting healthy, enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean and Desolation Sound mountain range, guided or private nature walks and excursions to various locations, and if lucky – watching whales and eagles right on the property!
  • Health Spa: Additionally try over 40 unique health spa treatments with experienced and intuitive practitioners and healers with average 16 years of experience.
  • Feel safe and totally cared for during your healing process in our group environment with a quality personalized-approach.
  • Enjoy plenty of educational, fun and fitness activities, such as art classes, facial and hair care classes, dance, yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, healthy meal preparation demos, emotional wellness workshops with experts, group bonding activities and many others.
  • Come to a place respecting all social, religious, and philosophic backgrounds, aiming to create a perfect combination of:
    • achieving health results,
    • in-depth practical health education,
    • emotional health support,
    • rest,
    • exercise,
    • and fun – for a truly life-changing experience!


Educational approach

As a program participant, you will learn how to create a new foundation for better health and lifestyle.

Fresh Start takes a practical and realistic approach to educating our program participants. We inspire people to strive for better health and higher lifestyle standards by sharing examples and showing how to implement healthy practices in real life.

Our educational health lectures and videos are non-traditional and personal, while at the same time are scientifically grounded. A significant part of our education consists of healthy meals preparation demos and integration workshops.

While we offer a wide range of educational opportunities, we believe that the route to health can be different for different people. We meet every participant where they are at, then show how they can grow to the next level. If you seek additional information order to create a better and healthier lifestyle, we invite you to ask us. We’ll share our knowledge, and if we do not know the answer to your question, we’ll do our best to find answers for you.


Emphasis on healthy nutrition

Our delicious meals consist mostly of “live foods”, which comprise fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seeds and nuts. These foods are designed for supporting and restoring life and, because of their high enzyme content, are very helpful to people with diabetes and those who have tumors and cancer. They are also beneficial for rapid and steady weight loss, correction of underweight, and the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Additionally, throughout the program we serve a few healthy cooked vegetarian dishes. This is done to assist you in bringing health into your daily life – not so many people are quite ready for 100% raw or life nutrition at this time. We’ll show you how to prepare a few simple cooked dishes that will ensure you have enough calories, protein, fats and satiety on vegetarian diet, if you choose to follow it as a permanent lifestyle in the future. If you don’t plan to be vegetarian after coming home, this knowledge will help you to increase plant-based meal portion and variety in your diet.

We will show you how to get the highest quality produce, and offer several video and live presentations about how to set up a healthy kitchen and prepare healthy meals.



Fitness is an essential component of perfect health and is extremely helpful for improving chemical imbalance and fighting depression.

Our exercise program includes yoga, walks and excursions, Medical Qigong, dance and other fitness activities, which are designed to get you moving and feel the benefits of exercise in your every day schedule.


Health Spa 

Fresh Start also offers over 40 world-class spa services that are assisting in health restoration, beautify skin and are anti-aging. They include colon hydrotherapy, Huna and Thai massage, ortho-bionomy, Bowen, clavitherapy and N.D. services (subject to availability).


If the heart needs to heal, too

At Fresh Start, we work with you to find the cause of your ill health, and we understand that the cause may not be physical. In many instances, physical ailments are rooted in past or present emotional issues. When they took evaporation of a person’s breath after he/she experienced anger and hatred for 1 hour, then condensed it into droplets of water and fed to mice, it killed 18 of them! Imagine what these negative destructive emotions do to us, when experienced for weeks, months, never mind years…

Think about how much healthier many people would be if they simply changed their thoughts and behavior patterns!

At Fresh Start we offer multiple workshops focusing on emotional well-being. We have several amazing professionals who may help you address underlying emotional causes and life situations that may be affecting your health: a Life Coach with advanced counseling skills, an Addiction Specialist and Kinesiologist, several practitioners specializing in Qigong and a variety of energy and emotional balancing techniques, as well as an Emotional (Transformational) Acupuncture Practitioner, and a Spiritual Phyto-Essencing specialist (understands in depth qualities of individual essential oils and their effect on altering psycho-emotional state of a person) . Their work is deep, multifaceted and integrative, and therefore very effective.

Disclaimer: Please note that the services listed above are subject to therapists, availability and are subject to change without notice. Also please note that in spite of the fact that many of our guests received great benefits on all levels, including emotional health, we do not specialize in advanced depression recovery.


Advanced Whole Body Detox

If you choose detox with semi-fasting as part your program, you’ll experience wonderful results. Fresh Start is the premier Canadian retreat specializing in thorough whole-body cleansing, or detox.

While opinions differ about the importance of a body cleansing for improving health, we assert that the quality body detox helps rid the body of feeling of heaviness and fatigue, improves sleep quality, energy levels, skin health, and optimizes the work of all body systems and organs.

Detox/cleansing also improves body metabolism, which is an especially important factor in weight loss. Many difficult-to-get-rid-of bellies are attributed to impacted fecal matter in the intestines, not just fat (even though fat might be present as well). If you know a person who is slim but has a “tummy concern", it may be caused by a colon that is swelled with waste. Thorough cleansing will take care of this issue much faster than one may think.

Along with all of these advantages, detox/ cleansing helps clear and “reset” your taste buds, which supports the behavior changes needed for smoking cessation and/ or the adoption of healthy eating patterns.

Specially designed drinks make this program one of the most advanced and effective detox programs for cleansing of the:

  • digestive tract
  • liver
  • gall bladder
  • blood
  • kidneys and lymphatic system
  • as well as heavy metals, Candida, and parasites

Fresh juices, raw food and exercise - along with colon hydrotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, far infrared sauna, ear candling, and other health-spa treatments - enhance the effect of this powerful cleanse.


Included in Every Program

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of what's included, only a brief overview.

See What’s Included for detailed description.

  • Pre-program preparation guidelines
  • Accommodations
  • Green body care products (shampoo, lotion and soap)
  • Guest binder and water bottle
  • Gift bag of hand crafted body care products
  • Entire digestive tract, parasite, candida, liver/gall bladder, lymph and blood cleansing, custom made drinks, teas and formulas (on detox days only)
  • Vegetarian, organic, mostly raw meals (cellular re-nourishment days only)
  • Variety of soothing herbal teas and plenty of fresh lemon juice
  • Fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices
  • Organic green smoothies
  • Wheatgrass and other organic fresh-squeezed juices
  • Drinks for improvement of digestion
  • Drinks & supplement for deeper sleep
  • Living minerals and electrolyte drinks
  • Highest quality probiotic supplements and digestive enzymes (with meals)
  • Daily steam bath with aromatherapy
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Healthy drinks and meals preparation workshops
  • Emotional Wellness Workshops
  • Integration workshops ("How to implement what I learned into real life")
  • Group Bonding Time, facilitated by a program director
  • Yoga classes and guided meditations
  • Additional activities:
    • Zumba or other dance classes
    • Medical Qi Gong classes
    • Excursions and guided nature walks
    • Morning Fitness Classes – on the cellular re-nourishment days
    • Facial Class
    • Hair Care Class
    • Art Classes
    • Natural Cosmetics Class
    • Art of Massage Class
    • All classes are held on specific days only, as per program schedule (received upon arrival)
    • Disclaimer: please note that the classes are subject to instructor availability and may change without notice.
  • Take-out lunch including probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Health evaluation by Program Consultant, Program Director and the entire professional team before your arrival
  • Pre-program Personalized Spa Services Suggestions, based on your health profile
  • Personalized "Tips for the Journey" to bring home with you
  • Over 60 Time-tested Fresh Start recipes and more health resources
  • Professional help and guidance throughout the program

Not included:

  • Airfare fees or pick-up
  • Health and travel Insurance
  • Optional complementary health spa therapies
  • Some additional supplements, such as protein, magnesium, homeopathic remedies etc. (for guests with health conditions requiring additional assistance)
  • Significant customization of the program (in some cases of advanced intestinal tract conditions and other health conditions requiring additional assistance or nutritional supplementation)

Spa Services Prices

Spa services and individual treatments/ coaching sessions are not included in the program cost. Click here to see the rates.

Disclaimer: The information presented above and the services provided by the Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers are not used to prescribe, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your primary health care provider.